Kona Ice of South Riding

Kona Ice of South Riding

Kona Ice is the best shaved ice around.

Loudoun County just got their first Kona Ice franchise/Kona Ice of South Riding. Kona is a true community ally renowned for facilitating endless fundraising options. Kona Ice has given more than $62 million back to neighborhood schools, organizations and sports teams since its inception in 2007. 

Kona should be Loudoun Counties new GoTo fundraising tool, it's something that everyone loves, its affordable so everyone can participate, its low calorie and includes vitamins B&C. If there is a crowd, Kona is going to make the crowd happy.

We work with over 10,000 schools around the country, because Kona Ice is one of the healthiest and best tasting snacks you can have. When we are not fundraising for a specific organization, we give funds to local Loudoun County teachers through Kona's National Partnership with AdoptAClassroom.

Kona Ice is the perfect treat for employee or customer appreciation. Everyone loves Kona Ice and the party atmosphere the Kona Entertainment Vehicle brings to a break in an otherwise ordinary day.