Kabul kabob house

Kabul kabob house

We at KABUL KABOB HOUSE Food truck offer the customer a tasty experience with our delicious food. We work hard to to bring the flavors, and culturally vibrant experience of Kabul's food culture to the DMV. 

LAM KABOB: chunks of tender lam marinated in organic spices,garlic broiled on a skewer served with rice choice of vegetables (spinach, spicy curry potato and chickpeas) salad and tazaki sauce.

CHICKEN KABOB: chunks of boneless chicken marinated in organic special herbs and spice broiled on skewer with rice choice of vegetables salad and Tazaki sauce.

 VEGGIE Platter: Combination platter of rice with spinach,spicy curry potato and chickpeas with 

tazaki sauce.

GYRO SANDWICHES:served with lettuce,tomatoes,onions and tazaki sauce.