Jammin' Island BBQ

Jammin' Island BBQ

Jammin' Island BBQ is bringing a little taste of the islands to Washington D.C., serving up a full bodied menu of eats on the streets. For over 7 years, they've been serving the masses with a hearty helping of food inspired by Jamaican cuisine and Americanized to appeal to everyone's palate. And what could be more American than BBQ? Nothing we can think of, but feel free to try.

When Jammin' Island is not barbequing up a cloud storm for fans at National Baseball Park, their food truck can been found grillin' and chillin' to the good beats with some good eats wherever it roams. Here, you'll find chicken, ribs and pulled pork cooked low and slow, because they're keeping to those tried and true BBQ traditions. But then, Jammin' Island BBQ kicks it up a notch, offering specialty rubs and sauces of the jerkiest variety. We're talking jerk chicken, jerk ribs, and pulled chicken jerk sandwiches to sink your teeth into. They're even currying to your favor by offering homemade curry chicken and oxtail stew. So hurry on over to Jammin' Island BBQ to stuff your face full of the best Jamaican BBQ you'll ever eat. Trust us. It really is that good.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Food Categories:
BBQ, Latin American, Sandwiches/burgers

Lorton, Virginia


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