What The Heck Barbecue

What The Heck Barbecue

For about 10 year’s my wife constantly asked me what my dream job was. Well, as a corporate accountant by trade, that was certainly not it.

My wife knew. She bought my first smoker in 2010, and after a few years of studying and trying recipes and different cooking techniques, as well as rubs and sauces, I began to figure out what my wife knew all along… I’m meant to share my barbecue. This is my dream job.

It started slowly. My wife owns her own business and sometimes she has thank you events for her clients. She always asks me to make ribs or chicken, or other yummy smoked meats. Every time, every single person would finish their plates and go back for more. That’s the best compliment I could receive. I love smoking barbecue, and my standards are high, and it fills me with pride when I see people go back for two or more servings .

Therefore, I can now answer my wife’s question…

What the heck, I have decided to start a barbecue catering company.