About us

About Us: 

At many buildings, dining options are limited for tenants; every day it’s a choice of leftovers from home, fast food establishments or office delis. Curbside Kitchen recognized the need for a new model of success in the corporate real estate world when it comes to providing food amenities. Our focus is on connecting building owners, leasing agents and property managers with food trucks and other mobile lunch options in the DMV, Philadelphia, and Raleigh. Our optimization software creates custom food truck solutions for commercial and residential properties. We have over 200 trucks on our program – all vetted, insured and inspected.

Our proprietary software simplifies booking and manages marketing functions, providing flyers, promotional emails, and menus to tenants. With pre-scheduled weekly and nightly reminders, Curbside Kitchen will become your food truck marketing manager.

Building owners, leasing agents and property managers are turning to Curbside Kitchen to create unique experiences for their tenants. Stop stressing over tenant amenities and meet us “on the curb” for a meal today!