About us

About Us: 

Curbside Kitchen partners with Washington DC Metro area building owners and property managers creating customized food truck solutions utilizing our proprietary optimization software.

Curbside Kitchen offers a unique service to property managers and food trucks by simplifying the process of providing hungry employees with culinary diversity and a variety of food choices daily! Whether it's a one-off request for a tenant event or a reoccurring weekly request for your anchor tenants' favorite food truck, our system automates and manages the schedules for property managers and food trucks.

Curbside Kitchen recognizes the need for a new model of success in the corporate real estate world. For many employees, their lunchtime choices are limited to what they brought from home, fast-food establishments or office delis. The limited options inspired Curbside Kitchen to create a technology that allows property managers to gain full visibility and control over booking food trucks.

Our proprietary software also manages the daily and weekly marketing functions going directly to the individual tenants of the building thus simplifying work for property managers. This will ensure that each and every person in the building knows, in advance, the food truck schedule for the week. With pre-scheduled weekly and nightly reminders, Curbside kitchen will become your food truck marketing manager.

Food trucks and property managers are turning to Curbside Kitchen to create a unique and beneficial amenity that employees will appreciate. Employees won't suffer lack of variety again and Curbside Kitchen will provide an easy way to keep work lives spicy!