Frequently Asked Questions

Food Trucks:

1.  Why should I create a profile? – We sign up office buildings to provide them with food trucks. To participate at that location you will have to have a profile on our system.

2.  What does it cost? – It is a free service to create a profile. To confirm an event, you will need to pay a fee via a credit card. Usually, these fees are anywhere from $10 - $25 and you would only pay if you are selected for the event.

3.  Why do I have to add an address, we are a food truck and don’t have a permanent location. – The address is not used as your billing or location address, it allows you to set a central location used by the radius function. The radius is the number of miles from that central address that you wish to serve.  Only events that are scheduled inside of that radius will show up on your list.

4.  Why do I have to upload a License and Certificate of Insurance? – Before you can respond to an event, you will need to upload your License and Certificate of Insurance, because that is required by our building owners.  You can upload an image or PDF of this information.

5.  I uploaded my CoI and License but I still can’t accept an event? – That means your information is in review and once we have confirmed the information you will see that it has been accepted and then you can respond to events.

6.  What are “Days of the Week” and “Days Off”? – Days of the week are the days of the week that you work.  For example, you may not work on Sundays.  Days Off are just specific Holiday or Vacation days that you don’t wish to work.  You will not get any event invites on these days off or nonworking days.

7.  What are SEO tags? – If you are asking then you probably don’t need to worry about it.  These are Search Engine Optimization tags that can help search engines like Google and Bing find your food truck profile.

8.  What is the difference between “Accept Invite” and “Confirm Offer”? – Accept Invite just means you are available for that event.  If the building manager wants to send you an offer then you will have a button that says “Confirm Offer” which means you are going to be at that event during that time.

9.  I want to accept the invite but I need to make a special request, like a minimum number of tickets, can I do that? – Yes, when you accept an event you can add a comment that the building manager can review.  They can also include a comment as part of the event with special instructions as well.

10, Why do I have to put in a credit card to confirm an event? If the event has a fee, you will have to add a valid credit card in order to confirm the event.  We only charge the card within a three week window of the event.  So if you are four weeks out, there will be no charge, but if you are inside that three week window you will automatically receive the charge for that event.

11.  What happens if I need to cancel an event, like my truck breaks down.  You can cancel an event after you accept. Please do that as soon as you can so we can find a replacement truck. If this becomes a patter you will be removed from the system.

12.  How is my truck marketed to the tenants of the building? – We send out a note at the beginning of the week and the day before events to key people in the building to push the event information out. Additionally all of the people who have registered on our system get a personalized email as well.

13.  Do you market to people in other buildings around the event location as well? – Yes, anyone who has signed up on our website set a radius around their building.  Any food trucks in that radius will be in their weekly and daily email blast.  Additionally anyone who visits the site and see the food trucks around them.

14.  Can people look at my profile and my calendar for the week? – Yes, anyone can view your food truck profile and see your schedule for the week.

Property Manager:

1.  How much does it cost? – Right now the service is free while we launch. We do anticipate charging on a per building basis in the future depending on if you are self serve or managed.

2.  What is self serve and managed? – Self serve means you enter your events and manually select the food truck or trucks you want at your events. Managed is a service we provide where you enter in all the events you want for the month, quarter or year, and we take care of scheduling the food trucks for you based on your profile.

3.  How do I sign up? – Just fill out the registration form and click the email you receive to confirm your address.  You will then be able to create buildings and assign property managers to each building.

4.  Do I need a property manager for each building? – Yes, you have to assign a property manager to a building for you to be able to save a building to your company profile. A property manager can be assigned to multiple buildings.

5.  Can I add tenant contacts to the building? – Yes, if you have your normal main contact for a tenant, you can add them to the building and they will get a weekly and daily notification if a food truck will be at the building.  They can then forward that email to their employees. We strongly encourage you to get the tenants to sign up to Curbside Kitchen directly so that they too will get these notifications.

6.  What if I want more than one truck? – When you create an event you can ask for as many trucks as you need.

7.  If I need something special can I add a comment? – Yes, you can add a comment if there is some specific instructions you need to specify about the event.

8.  I need a Certificate of Insurance (CoI) and License for a food truck to come onsite, how do you handle that? – Every food truck on our system has to have a valid license and CoI before they can attend an event.

9.  We have special terms and conditions for each building that a food truck has to sign off on, how can we handle that? – When you create a building, there is a section where you can paste in your own terms and conditions.  When I food truck confirms an event, they will have to view the terms and conditions and click that they have accepted them.

10.  What if I need a food truck at two different times in a day? – You will need to create two events.

11.  Can I create a recurring event? – Yes at the bottom of the event form you will see a check box that allows you to create a recurring event.

12.  I created an event and now I can see that food trucks responded, now what do I do? – If you are not managed, then you will need to select the food trucks you want to send offers to.  You are not finished at this point, because the food truck will need to confirm that they are still available and accept the offer.  You can easily see this on the calendar or list view of events when it turns green, meaning they have accepted your offer.

13.  Can I make changes to an event? – No, if you have to make a change to an event, you will need to first cancel the event and then create a new one to change things like time or location.


1.  Does it cost anything to sign up? – No it is free for customers to sign up

2.  Why do you need my address? – We use your address to define a central point used with the radius so that we can filter food trucks to just your areas

3.  What is the radius used for? – The radius defines the miles from your location that we will show food trucks.  This is also used for the email notifications

4.  What are weekly and daily notifications? – Daily notifications are sent to you on a daily basis if there are food trucks the following day as defined by your radius.  Weekly notifications are sent to you on a weekly basis, Sunday, if there are food trucks during the week as defined by your radius.

5.  Can I turn off the email notifications? – Yes, you can go into your profile and turn off either daily or weekly notifications.