Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Food Truck Owners:

1. Why should I create a profile?

Your Food Truck profile is your most important marketing tool. It allows you to showcase your culinary offerings to property managers and your customers. The first step in the Profile Set up process is to add a description and photo of your truck as well as the contact information and social media links. At the end of the profile you will also have the ability to add an image of your menu and pictures of your food.  Just remember, this is an opportunity to upload the best images and current menus which will be pushed out through Curbside Kitchen social media and to property managers and other Curbside Kitchen subscribers.

2. What does it cost to be a Curbside Kitchen Food Truck Vendor?

Once you have completed your profile and become a Curbside Kitchen vendor, you will need to provide us with payment information before we can send you event offers which start as low as $25. 

3. We are a Food Truck and do not have a permanent location so, why do I have to add an address? 

The address is not used as your billing or location address; instead, it allows you to set a central location used by the radius function. The radius is the number of miles from that central address that you wish to serve.  Only events that are scheduled inside of that radius will show up on your list.

4. Why do I have to upload a Certificate of Insurance? 

Before you can respond to an event, you will need to upload a PDF of your current Certificate of Insurance (COI). Proof of insurance is required by Property and Event Managers.

5. I uploaded my COI; however, I still cannot accept an event offer? 

This means your information is being reviewed by the Curbside Kitchen team.  Once we have confirmed your submission, you will see that it has been affirmed and, then you will be able to accept event offers.

6. What are “Days of the Week” and “Days Off”? 

  • Days of the Week are those days during the that you are able to vend at a Curbside Kitchen location.  You will not receive any event invites on these days.
  • Days Off are those Holiday or Vacation days that you are not available.  You will not receive any event invites on these days either.

7. What are SEO tags?

These are Search Engine Optimization tags that can help search engines like Google and Bing find your Food Truck profile.

8. What is the difference between “Accept Invite” and “Confirm Offer”?

Accept Invite means you are available for that event.  If the building manager wants to send you an offer, then you will have a button that says “Confirm Offer” which means you are going to be at that event during that time.

9. I want to accept the invite, but I need to make a special request, like a minimum number of tickets or sales, can I do that?

Yes.  When you accept an event you can add a comment that the Property or Events Manager can review.  They can also include a comment as part of the event with special instructions.

10. Why do I have to put in a credit card to confirm an event?

If the event has a fee, you will have to add a valid credit card in order to confirm the event.  We only charge the card within a three-week window of the event.  So, if you are four weeks out, there will be no charge, but if you are inside of that three-week window, you will automatically receive the charge for that event.

11. What happens if I need to cancel an event, because my truck breaks down? 

You can cancel an event after you accept. However, please go into the system to cancel the event as soon as possible so we can find a replacement truck for the event.

12. How is my Food Truck marketed to the tenants of a building or event participants?

The Curbside Kitchen system sends automated notifications out at the beginning of each week and the day before events to Property and Event Managers  to push event information out to building tenants. Additionally, all of the people - “Foodies” - who have registered on our system will also receive a personalized email.

13. Do you market to people at other properties around the event location as well? 

Yes. Anyone who has signed up on our website is required to set a radius around their building.  This radius will trigger an automated Weekly and/or Daily email to be sent to them about Food Trucks that will at a curbside near their location.

14. Can people look at my profile and my calendar for the week? 

Yes.  Anyone can view your Food Truck profile and see your schedule for the week.

Property & Event Manager - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far in advance do you recommend requesting to booking out a food truck?

  • Food trucks can book out months in advance.  We recommend scheduling at least three (3) weeks before your event to get the best possible results.

2. How many trucks can be booked for each event?

  • Curbside Kitchen will consult with you directly. We will recommend a certain number of trucks depending upon the size of building and number of tenants and functionality of event type.

3. How do I handle a cancellation/no show?

  • Contact the Curbside Kitchen team immediately here.  We will work to find a replacement food truck(s) and/or identify a new date to hold your event at no additional cost.

4. How soon before an event I can cancel?

  • Please provide at least 72 hours advance notice if you plan to cancel your event.  This will allow the food truck(s) time to adjust their preparation amounts/times and find another location to vend.

5. What are typical dining times?

  • We can accommodate your preferred times. Typical dining times are as follows:

Breakfast: 7 AM to 9 AM

Lunch: 11 AM to 2 PM

Dinner: 5 PM to 8 PM

6. Are there options other than food trucks for my events?

  • If you have amenity or common area space in your building(s), many of our food truck vendors will be able to set up “pop up style” events inside or outside at your location.

7. How much does it cost?

  • The base cost per event is $250 for one food truck without a subscription.  Additional trucks are $250 each per event.  

8. How do I sign up?

  • Please click “sign up” at the top of the Curbside Kitchen website and register as a building. You will then receive an email from a member of the Curbside Kitchen team to learn more about your property and event needs.  With this information in hand our team will help set up your profile so that you can begin scheduling events and trucks.

9. Do I need a property manager for each building or event?

  • Yes. Under your company profile, you will need to assign a property or event manager to each building/event.  One property manager can be assigned to multiple buildings.

10. I have several organizations in my building. Can I add the main contacts for each organization to the building profile so they can receive Curbside Kitchen notices?

  • Yes. You can add them to the building and they will receive notifications of food trucks that will be rolling up curbside to your building.  We strongly encourage you to ask your tenants to sign up on Curbside Kitchen directly so that they will receive these notifications.

11. If I need a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for a food truck to come onsite how do you handle that?

  • Every food truck on our system is required to have a current COI before they can be scheduled for a Curbside Kitchen event. You will be able to see it in your Dashboard for the event once you click on the food trucks profile.

12. What does the color coding on the event list mean?

  • Orange: The offer is pending food truck approval.
  • Green: The food truck has accepted the offer and the event is booked.

13. What if I have additional questions?

  • Please reach out to our team at or text (703) 570-8648.

FAQ Customers “Foodies”

1. Does it cost anything to sign up? 

  • There is no cost for Foodies that want to know where Curbside Kitchen’s Food Trucks are pulling up near their location.

  • There is a fee for Food Trucks and Property and Event Managers to be apart of the Curbside Kitchen Program.  Please click on Sign Up and Register under the appropriate category to learn more.

2. Why do you need my contact information? 

  • Your contact information (address and email) identifies a central point with a radius that our team uses to filter Food Trucks that will be pulling up to a curbside in your area and so we can send you email notifications of the same.  

3. What is the radius used for? 

  • The radius defines the miles from your location that we will show Food Trucks that will be pulling up to a curbside in your area. 

4. What are the daily notifications? 

  • Daily notifications are sent to you the night before Food Trucks events at your favorited building as a reminder to pre-order your meal. You will also receive a notification once the Food Truck has pulled up curbside.

5. Can I turn off the email notifications?

  • Yes. You can go into your profile and remove a favorited food truck or property location to stop receiving notifications.